Nov. 7th, 2011

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This is for my own amusement.    I was a huge HUGE RGB fan in the late '80s, and in the mid nineties, I bought a handful of zines that were either gen H/C, humor, or Egon/Janine (and a few Peter or Winston/Janine, but all het).  

 I haven't watched some of these episodes in 20 years though and in my travels, I found that there was a bit of a slash fanbase for the Real Ghostbusters.  I can totally buy that; these guys lived in eachother's pockets.  I honestly think if RGB had popped up now, it'd be huge for fic fodder with it's characters and it's huge paranormal/fantasy plotlines.  I mean, there's an entire episode that I remember being about Vampires vs. Werewolves!

I toyed with the idea a while ago, but what did it for me was the following:
  • This year, I : played the Ghostbuster WII game earlier in the year
  • I watched an episode (The Sandman one, whatever it's official name), the first episode I've watched in probably 20 years
  • I rewatched both movies with friends and had a fun under the influence of beer and such things discussion around a bonfire about the differences between the movies and animated series and the sequel to the animated series (that I didn't even know existed, but I have a predisposition to hate because of what my friends said the writers did to Peter, Egon, Winston, Ray, and Janine, but whatever)
  • I saw some very kick-ass costumes this halloween and at a recent comic show I want too with full costumed people with realistic looking  proton packs and PKE meters. 
  • Strange, but I am reading a lot of Trek fic and Stargate SG1 fic lately that makes me nostelgic for Real Ghostbusters and makes me wish we had internet back then. 
  • I found a few of the Real Ghostbusters comics that I had bought years and years ago from NOW comics, especially the one that came with the Egon and Janine as gangsters poster. 

There's probably a Real Ghostbusters fandom out there somewhere, probably fanfic out there that I cannot find (I found a few Peter/Egon stories on delicous before it went alsfjs;ldfjsdfj on me) probably websites that haven't died with geocities or whatever was around in the '90s and early 2000.    I have no clue how to find that all, so this is going to be a little background hobby for me. It's a bit exciting actually, diving into this for no reason at all.  I'm almost afraid to go digging around too much so I don't run into homophobes that might freak if they find out I am actively looking for the slash while watching the series this time.  I don't know if that's a valid concern or not; I've met people over the last few years that had a cow over my love for slashing Arthur and Merlin on the BBC Merlin series, so who knows. 


Some of the gossip I learned about the Real Ghostbusters series over the last year (that RGB fans have likely known for years, but 'tis all new and fun to me.)

The Real is because of the previous non related Ghostbusters series with the gorilla. (Which I have probably seen if they ever played it on Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network eons ago.)

J. Michael Straczynski did a lot of writing and editing for this, Michael Reaves wrote for this, (and I was a huge B5 and Gargoyles fan respectively along with other work of theirs) some of the voice actors happen to be people that I grew to admire in later years for their voice work even though I NEVER CONNECTED ANY OF THIS BACK to RGB so I feel super oblivious,

The first few years were geared toward an older audience, and some of TPTB for network/whomever made them change it up to be softer with more Slimer and less adult themes.  Janine had to go though a whole character revamp to soften her up during the kidding-down period and one of the episodes was written to basically flip the bird to TPTB over this later on.  

Probably sure I'll add to this as I go along.

SO here I go on this crazy ride!  


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