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For some reason, I am watching "The Voice" even though I usually dispise singing competition shows.  I must be bonkers.  My life has been so boring lately that I got excited about buying curly shoe laces that don't need to be tied.  I bought a new tent a while back, and I haven't had a chance to use it because this entire spring has been filled with family obligations. If I get another wedding/grad/birthday/baptism invite in the next two weeks, I am going to go fold it into a paper airplane and let it soar.  (I wish- I'll be a good girl and find out how high to jump and when.)

Tent camping is a new hobby for me.  I never really did before; when I went camping, I would stay in cabins or a big camper.  I went a few times in a hand-me-down tent last year and love it!  I am just beginning to learn all the tricks and feel out what supplies I need.  Right now the biggest thing I need is TIME!  

In my little fandom world, I am sad to say that I am going to sell my Heroclix gaming pieces. I want to take advantage of all the superhero movies coming out and see if I get a good price.  I haven't played since college.  I am going to do a rewatch of Stargate SG1 with one of my older kids.  He watched SGU and had so many questions that I told him to just watch the darn thing.  It'll be interesting as I have not really watched the earlier seasons in years.  (And watched before reading the fan fiction- I am really enjoying Jack/Daniel fanfic, and I bet I would like a few other pairings watching it with slashgoggles on, ha.)  

I am also catching up with the last season of Smallville. Not yet done, but it's got a great comic feel this last season.  Most of the acting is appalling though!  I haven't read fic in that fandom, but someone mentioned there's some good Clark/Lex, and I'd be drawn to Clark/Oliver.  

Suppose I should go be useful today and shut down the computer! 


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