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I think it's very interesting to see how people approach their fandom consumption.  I have friends that are dedicated to one pairing from one series and that is all they read or write or vid or discuss, and it suits them fine.   And I have friends that really dive into one or two fandoms at a time, but then they never return to them- it's a nostalgic visit when they do.  

I fall into the fandom collector variety.  Maybe it's because I'm usually behind the peak of a fandom's output or because I tend to get attached.  Not sure, but once I pick up something to squeal about, I never drop it.  I might add a few new pairings or delve into another subset of fic if that fandom is big enough, but I tend to keep going back.  Maybe if I wrote, id'd be different!

Now let me talk about FANVIDS. Because omg, where where you all my life?  I have been bookmarking the ones I like.  Haven't made a rec list yet because I don't know how often these get moved around for copyright issues and such.  But holy cow!  I would love the tech and the ability to be able to do that!  When I was in college, we were just starting to enter the AOL era and no one I knew had internet at home, let alone fast enough to transmit that quick.  I am mainlining these like woah for so many fandoms.  A great vid is such a work of art.  I bow down to those talents!



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