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We've been watching the Pretender of the last few months little bit at a time.  There was an episode today that flowed exactly like a Burn Notice episode.  I know they share a lot of people, so now I'm wondering if the writers were the same.  It almost looks like they were testing a style out because it was so different from the previous episodes.  I am curious because I love connecting the dots between different shows or actors! It's usually easy to do with the Bridge studio shows that were 90's and 2000's.    Pretender isn't really a show I'd go hunting down fic for, but it's fun to watch.

I also just realized I'm behind over a season and a half of Eureka.  I think I just sort of forgot about it when I went cablefree, not that I didn't like or anything.  Maybe I need a running list to remind myself.  
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This is for my own amusement.    I was a huge HUGE RGB fan in the late '80s, and in the mid nineties, I bought a handful of zines that were either gen H/C, humor, or Egon/Janine (and a few Peter or Winston/Janine, but all het).  

 I haven't watched some of these episodes in 20 years though and in my travels, I found that there was a bit of a slash fanbase for the Real Ghostbusters.  I can totally buy that; these guys lived in eachother's pockets.  I honestly think if RGB had popped up now, it'd be huge for fic fodder with it's characters and it's huge paranormal/fantasy plotlines.  I mean, there's an entire episode that I remember being about Vampires vs. Werewolves!

I toyed with the idea a while ago, but what did it for me was the following:
  • This year, I : played the Ghostbuster WII game earlier in the year
  • I watched an episode (The Sandman one, whatever it's official name), the first episode I've watched in probably 20 years
  • I rewatched both movies with friends and had a fun under the influence of beer and such things discussion around a bonfire about the differences between the movies and animated series and the sequel to the animated series (that I didn't even know existed, but I have a predisposition to hate because of what my friends said the writers did to Peter, Egon, Winston, Ray, and Janine, but whatever)
  • I saw some very kick-ass costumes this halloween and at a recent comic show I want too with full costumed people with realistic looking  proton packs and PKE meters. 
  • Strange, but I am reading a lot of Trek fic and Stargate SG1 fic lately that makes me nostelgic for Real Ghostbusters and makes me wish we had internet back then. 
  • I found a few of the Real Ghostbusters comics that I had bought years and years ago from NOW comics, especially the one that came with the Egon and Janine as gangsters poster. 

There's probably a Real Ghostbusters fandom out there somewhere, probably fanfic out there that I cannot find (I found a few Peter/Egon stories on delicous before it went alsfjs;ldfjsdfj on me) probably websites that haven't died with geocities or whatever was around in the '90s and early 2000.    I have no clue how to find that all, so this is going to be a little background hobby for me. It's a bit exciting actually, diving into this for no reason at all.  I'm almost afraid to go digging around too much so I don't run into homophobes that might freak if they find out I am actively looking for the slash while watching the series this time.  I don't know if that's a valid concern or not; I've met people over the last few years that had a cow over my love for slashing Arthur and Merlin on the BBC Merlin series, so who knows. 


Some of the gossip I learned about the Real Ghostbusters series over the last year (that RGB fans have likely known for years, but 'tis all new and fun to me.)

The Real is because of the previous non related Ghostbusters series with the gorilla. (Which I have probably seen if they ever played it on Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network eons ago.)

J. Michael Straczynski did a lot of writing and editing for this, Michael Reaves wrote for this, (and I was a huge B5 and Gargoyles fan respectively along with other work of theirs) some of the voice actors happen to be people that I grew to admire in later years for their voice work even though I NEVER CONNECTED ANY OF THIS BACK to RGB so I feel super oblivious,

The first few years were geared toward an older audience, and some of TPTB for network/whomever made them change it up to be softer with more Slimer and less adult themes.  Janine had to go though a whole character revamp to soften her up during the kidding-down period and one of the episodes was written to basically flip the bird to TPTB over this later on.  

Probably sure I'll add to this as I go along.

SO here I go on this crazy ride!  

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I think it's very interesting to see how people approach their fandom consumption.  I have friends that are dedicated to one pairing from one series and that is all they read or write or vid or discuss, and it suits them fine.   And I have friends that really dive into one or two fandoms at a time, but then they never return to them- it's a nostalgic visit when they do.  

I fall into the fandom collector variety.  Maybe it's because I'm usually behind the peak of a fandom's output or because I tend to get attached.  Not sure, but once I pick up something to squeal about, I never drop it.  I might add a few new pairings or delve into another subset of fic if that fandom is big enough, but I tend to keep going back.  Maybe if I wrote, id'd be different!

Now let me talk about FANVIDS. Because omg, where where you all my life?  I have been bookmarking the ones I like.  Haven't made a rec list yet because I don't know how often these get moved around for copyright issues and such.  But holy cow!  I would love the tech and the ability to be able to do that!  When I was in college, we were just starting to enter the AOL era and no one I knew had internet at home, let alone fast enough to transmit that quick.  I am mainlining these like woah for so many fandoms.  A great vid is such a work of art.  I bow down to those talents!


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Sep. 29th, 2011 08:12 am
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I am kind of taken by surprise on how much I am enjoying Trek Reboot episode fic.  It's been popping up in my search, and I ignored it for a while.  I guess it's hard to admit when you're a hardcore TOS fan that you kind of like the reboot versions as well.  Maybe it's because the whole Alt universe thing is an easy thing to accept- I read that all the time, especially in Merlin and Stargate.  

I am finding my feet with the new delicious a little bit, but I barely had any bookmarks to speak of.   There are so many lost marks though that I was following, especially in smaller or closed canons.   Not sure how I'm going to be finding Goku/Vegeta fanfic from DragonballZ anytime soon since so many of those were really really old marks on delicious accounts that might have been abandoned years ago.  Same goes for a few more pairings. 
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I am gnashing my teeth at this.  Just when you think you've got a method figured out, a 2 x 4 whacks you in the face. 

Originally, I was just going to make one post to go back to and edit  with bookmarks, but I thought it would be a pain in the butt.  Maybe if I did that though, I'd still be able to find things!!!!  
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Going to have to rely on public internet for a while as we get ready to move.  There are a ton of places I can take my laptop- the library, starbucks, I think even the ice cream store has free wi-fi now- but I have grown used to just sitting my butt down in my own place and going online.  

Maybe I will start saving fanfic to a word file and then take it home to read later when I'm out.  

I have so much junk on my laptop right now I guess I have no excuse not to go though it all. It's amazing how I can't stand having a messy house, but I become a horder when it comes to the digital world.  (I also have 3 billion bookmarks.  That is bonkers!)  


Jun. 21st, 2011 09:56 pm
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Last of the area Juneteenth celebrations took place over the weekend.  The weather has been screwy the last few weeks and some of the events really got rained out.  I missed the rodeo though because of a conflict. 
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For some reason, I am watching "The Voice" even though I usually dispise singing competition shows.  I must be bonkers.  My life has been so boring lately that I got excited about buying curly shoe laces that don't need to be tied.  I bought a new tent a while back, and I haven't had a chance to use it because this entire spring has been filled with family obligations. If I get another wedding/grad/birthday/baptism invite in the next two weeks, I am going to go fold it into a paper airplane and let it soar.  (I wish- I'll be a good girl and find out how high to jump and when.)

Tent camping is a new hobby for me.  I never really did before; when I went camping, I would stay in cabins or a big camper.  I went a few times in a hand-me-down tent last year and love it!  I am just beginning to learn all the tricks and feel out what supplies I need.  Right now the biggest thing I need is TIME!  

In my little fandom world, I am sad to say that I am going to sell my Heroclix gaming pieces. I want to take advantage of all the superhero movies coming out and see if I get a good price.  I haven't played since college.  I am going to do a rewatch of Stargate SG1 with one of my older kids.  He watched SGU and had so many questions that I told him to just watch the darn thing.  It'll be interesting as I have not really watched the earlier seasons in years.  (And watched before reading the fan fiction- I am really enjoying Jack/Daniel fanfic, and I bet I would like a few other pairings watching it with slashgoggles on, ha.)  

I am also catching up with the last season of Smallville. Not yet done, but it's got a great comic feel this last season.  Most of the acting is appalling though!  I haven't read fic in that fandom, but someone mentioned there's some good Clark/Lex, and I'd be drawn to Clark/Oliver.  

Suppose I should go be useful today and shut down the computer! 
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Wow.  Camping has been interesting.  Rain, rain, and did I mention, more rain?  And then we'll throw in some funnel clouds that thankfully touched down in only rural areas without much damage.  Been interesting.   We do no electronics on our campouts, so this is the first I have been back near a computer (not mine, but my brother doesn't mind.)  I became good friends with my battery powered NOAA weather radio though over the weekend!   Have a family BBQ today and back to the real world again tomorrow.  Haven't read or watched anything of interest this weekend other than silly magazines.  I am bummed I didn't get to go hiking though.  Maybe next time.  I'll go hiking in light rain, but not in heavy downpour with thunder and lightning!  
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We had decent sized hail last night - about  an inch and a half to two inches for some.  I am very glad I parked in my garage.  No tornadoes though here.  I feel so sad for the people in Missouri from last night and what seems like half the South of the U.S. about a month ago. 

Had some dental stuff done today and am getting some relief from the tylenol 3.   I took tomorrow off  just in case I was miserable from the oral surgery and will spend it resting and reading fanfic.  I am not the kind of person that enjoys sitting still! 

I got a ton of fanfic recommendations the other day- so exciting!  Some of those fandoms are older and I was afraid I'd missed the 'must-reads' because authors pulled them down.  There's enough to last me a while and I am very thankful for all the help!  It can be a bit weird to be the newbie on a forum/website. 

Now I'm off to throw some sheets and pillows on the sofa so I can try and find a way to sleep comfortably tonight.  
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locating interests is a bit harder than I expected.  Guess I'll have to go and make an ass of myself  like a newbie in a community at some point. 

ETA:  Making an ass of myself has paid off for Jack/Daniel on dreamwidth!  Maybe I will give it a go for other fandoms once I find their main posting communities.   

The only bad thing is now the benadryl is starting to kick in and I'm getting too loopy to read.  I really need to see if one of the non-drowsy longer lasting allergy meds work.  This spring weather is really doing a number on me!  
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I come from the very old-school fandom ways of mailing fanzines to each other [Archie universe fanfic in fact- I'm so embarrassed, but come on!) (and black and white photocopies of hand drawn fan art. Getting used to online fandom has been interesting. I was active online for a little while years ago in the early nineties when my only computer access was the computers at the university! Wow are things different and spread out!

LJ and DW seem to be a good place to base things from and to make a link list. (I also have started a delicious bookmark list.) When I search for stories, livejournal seems to pop up a lot. I am relatively new to looking or reading most of these pairings, but I have read some low-rated gen fic before. My access has been limited to public computers/work laptops prior to this, and that is not exactly comfortable for reading higher rated fic if you know what I mean!

 if anyone happens to stop by, I am looking to find:

BBC Merlin fic (and episode discussion== gen-fic and the pairings of Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Morgana

Harry Potter books and movies fic (and discussion)== gen fic about Dumbledore's childhood and the trio, pairings of Harry/Ron, Harry/Draco, Ron/Draco, Ron/Hermione (not quite sure I can read Harry/Hermione yet, but I'm willing to try if Ron isn't evil) any Luna or Neville pairing because they are adorable. Not really interested in the Marauder generation, but I'm willing to be swayed!

USA network's Psych- Shawn/Lassiter I really hope this exists. I haven't searched yet.

USA's Leverage- I am fascinated by seeing Nate fleshed out, so I'd be willing to read any pairing or gen about him.

Dragonball universe- I am starting to learn that anime fandoms are an entirely different thing! I am looking for fanart and fan fiction about Goku x Vegeta -(unless Goku is listed under Kakarott ).  I am still trying to find my way to the fic and art because there's no way these two haven't become a pairing in that fandom! 

Stargate SG1== newer fandom for me with many likable characters.  Gen-fic about single characters and team fic (any team, though I'm not as fond of Jonas).  Fic about Teal'c, Vala, or Jonas (or post ascension!Daniel adjusting to Earth sounds fun!   Any Daniel pairing, especially Jack/Daniel and perhaps Daniel pairings with Atlantis characters.  (Daniel/Elizabeth sounds interesting.)  I don't know what the big pairs or rare-pairs are other than Jack/Daniel and Jack/Sam being bigger pairings from what I've seen!)  Oh, now that I wrote the NCIS one, I'm just thinking Sam/Janet could be good too! 

Star Trek TOS=   I used to read the old Trek novels when I was younger and all I kept thinking was that it was missing something.  Clearly, they were missing Kirk and Spock or Kirk, Spock, and McCoy getting their funk on!  So looking for Kirk/Spock will be on the agenda.  I have read some years ago.  

Smallville-  I am hesitant to read in this series yet, but I have read some Clark/Lex in the past.  I am an old Supes comic fan and haven't ventured into any fanfic for him yet.  I think Clark/ various Justice League members could be interesting if I could actually read it. 

NCIS=  Another series where I enjoy many of the characters!  Gibbs/Tony drew me in right away.  I have read some in this pairing, but not much.  McGee and Abby seem cute, not sure of other combinations yet.  (And I may be drawn to Abby/Ziva - I don't often find a F/F pairing I like because female characters often get the shaft in the source.)  

More TBA as my brain kicks in or I am intrigued by something!  
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Still processing the NCIS finally.  

test post

May. 12th, 2011 01:58 pm
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I'll be playing with set-up for a while, then it's off to join things! Probably will mirror the LJ I made with the same name for now.